Lucy Character Tea (Rose Earl Grey Tea)


Three words that describe Lucy from The Starlight Chronicles are bold, loving and strong—which is why this was the perfect tea to capture her character.

Sri Lankan black tea captures her determined and leader-like personality.

Rose captures her caring and thoughtful heart.

And bergamot oil finishes it off with a nod to her graceful strength as she carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and protects those she loves—like a true queen.

*This tea is in partnership with Rosie Lea Tea.

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From Rosie Lea Tea…

Our Rose Earl Grey is blended with Sri Lankan black tea infused with the ever distinctive bergamot oil, then we have added a sprinkling of rose buds and petals to offer a delicately perfumed cup of tea.


Sri Lankan black tea, rose buds and petals, bergamot oil.

Naturally contains caffeine.

How to Brew:

Take a teaspoon per cup.

Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three to five minutes and drink with or without milk.

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