Writer of twists, drinker of tea...

Hi! I’m P.S.Malcolm and I'm the author of The Ryan Rupert Series and The Starlight Chronicles Series.
I love writing humorous contemporaries and dark, gritty fantasy stories--so if that's in your realm of reading, you're in the right place.
As a cat enthusiast, tea lover, and floral fanatic, I like to spend my days writing in cosy coffee shops or curled up with my cat, exploring a range of tea flavours and deceiving my characters into cruel fates *evil laugh*.


  • STARLIGHT - A Starlight Chronicles Prequel Novella

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The Ryan Rupert Series

Stuck on a tropical island vacation with her worst enemy and a fear of the sea. What could possibly go wrong?

The Starlight Chronicles Series

When her best friend becomes enthralled by a mysterious boy, Lucy uncovers dark secrets from her past and is forced to make a choice between saving her best friend, or saving the world.

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An unknown heir. A passionate romance. A dangerous uprising.

A Starlight Chronicles Prequel Novella