Writing Workshops

I'm available to schools and public libraries in the Queensland state of Australia. 

Schools have the option of booking both of the available workshops for a special price, or just individual workshops. Both workshops take an hour to present.

Alternatively, schools can book 'mini' workshops, and I will structure the session to focus on a specific aspect of writing or publishing. This is a great option for schools who have creative writing programs and want to combine these classes with workshops. 

Creative Writing Workshop

Marketing & Publishing Workshop

Four part workshop that guides one through the process of starting a novel, various writing techniques, and how to edit the first draft: ​

One – So You've Decided to Write a Novel

  • What is the novel going to be about?
  • What is the best theme/genre for this?
  • Who are your most important characters?
  • What are some of the settings that will appear?
  • What point of view will you write in?

Two - The Nitty Gritty

  • Let's talk about plot
  • How subplots work
  • Characterization in detail
  • How to write brilliant description
  • Writing good dialogue

Three - Writing Well & Shaping Your Style

  • How to foreshadow
  • Writing in past, present and future
  • Strengthening your writing
  • Dealing with writers block

Two - How to Self-Publish

  • Getting a novel edited
  • Getting a book cover
  • Choosing a platform to publish on
  • Ebook vs Hardcopy

Three - How to Market and Promote Your Book

  • Using social media
  • Planning a book launch
  • Planning a book tour & signings
  • How to promote & sell your book
  • Organizing press releases

Four - How to Edit Your Novel

  • Basics of editing
  • What to look out for
  • How to edit a manuscript
  • Editors to hire 
Three part workshop that guides one through the process of publishing traditionally or independently, and how to market their work:

One – How to Publish Traditionally

  • Writing the perfect cover letter
  • How to contact publishing companies
  • Getting an agent
  • What to expect
  • How to deal with rejection


For Schools:

$249 for both workshops (two hours)

$150 for an individual workshop (one hour)


$60 per mini workshop (one hour each, focused content)

For Public:

$40 per head

Applies to workshops and mini sessions.

To book a workshop, please email me at: