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Something Beautiful

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Chasing Eveline

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Paper Wishes 

Maas, Sarah. J  

McClure, Gigi (Jinx)

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Tea Rating System:

My rating system helps reader's determine what kind of book I've reviewed and whether it could be their cup of tea.  
The tea rating system is not a substitute for a star rating system-- I believe each book is different and will appeal to different people.

My Review Guidelines:

Cold Tea  
Blegh! This book was legitimately bad, and I probably gave it a below
2 star rating for a serious reason.

Chai Tea
This book had cultural/diverse themes in it.

Sweet Tea
This book had all the adorable, sweet romance!

Hot Tea
This was a steamy read with more mature themes in it.

Green Tea
This book is good for the soul, and has real life issues/themes in it.

Black Tea
This was a strong, powerful book with an intense plotline/characters.

White Tea
This book is a relaxing, light and fun read!